50th Sunfish World Championship

Phil Rothfeld

Sailor image
CountryUnited States
Home port Morris, CT
Sail number
Sailing clubn/a

Other results

SunfishNew England Regional #1 Bantam Lake YC (USA)19
SunfishCT Governors Throphy Bantam Lake YC (USA)

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Sailed with

Futterlieb, Denis  (USA) 2
Hutchinson, Norton  (USA) 1
Philbrick, Tom  (USA) 1
Willy-Hunt, Janese  (USA) 1
Charles, Mary  (USA) 1
Cochran,Larry  (USA) 1
Geick, Gordon  (USA) 1
Menzel, Gerhart  (USA) 1
Heinl, Dick  (USA) 1
Odegard, Paul  (USA) 1
Willy, Jack  (USA) 1
Dickinson, Malcolm  (USA) 1
Charles, Ken  (USA) 1
Heckman, Bob  (USA) 1
Abels, Fred  (USA) 1
League, Harry  (USA) 1
Butine, John  (USA) 1
Davies, David  (USA) 1