50th Sunfish World Championship

Fernando de Cardenas

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Sailing clubn/a

Worlds results

2009Bahamas - Nassau YC30
1989Orlando, FL (USA) - Orlando YC71

Other results

SunfishNationals Nassau YC (BHS)8
SunfishTerry McCoy memorial regatta Nassau YC (BHS)
SunfishHomer Lowe Memorial Regatta Bahamas (BHS)13
ILCA 7Nationals Bahamas (BHS)3
SunfishTerry McCoy memorial regatta Nassau YC (BHS)3
SnipeNationals Bahamas (BHS)5
SunfishHomer Lowe Memorial Regatta Bahamas (BHS)6
SunfishNationals Nassau YC (BHS)12
5.5Worlds Nassau YC (BHS)14
SunfishTerry McCoy memorial regatta Nassau YC (BHS)4
SnipeNationals Bahamas (BHS)6
SunfishNationals Nassau YC (BHS)6
SnipeNationals Bahamas (BHS)3
SunfishNationals Nassau YC (BHS)7
SnipeNationals Bahamas (BHS)6

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Sailed with

Lowe, Lori  (BHS) 15
Lowe, James  (BHS) 15
Martinborough, Donald  (BHS) 11
Wassitch, Peter Bruce  (BHS) 10
Brown, Donico  (BHS) 9
Burrows, Brent  (BHS) 9
McCoy, Lee  (IRL) 9
Wallas, Dwayne  (BHS) 9
Damianos, George  (BHS) 7
Wassitsch, Pedro  (AUT) 7
Sands, Chris  (BHS) 7
Myers, Alyson  (CAN) 6
Kaighin, Jim  (BHS) 6
Dunkley, Robert  (USA) 5
Wilhoyte, Andrew  (BHS) 4
McKinney, Gavin  (BHS) 4
McCoy, Matthew  (IRL) 4
Holowesko, Michael  (BHS) 4
Gale, Jeffrey  (BHS) 3
O'Brien, Ted  (BHS) 3
Lowe,Jody  (BHS) 3
Charles, Kelly  (BHS) 3
Roose, Alex  (CUW) 2
Cappelletti, Guillermo  (PER) 2
Saurage, Hank  (USA) 2
Smith, Malcolm  (BMU) 2
Butine, John  (USA) 2
Clifton, Charles  (USA) 2
Robertson  (BHS) 2
Loring, David M.  (USA) 1