50th Sunfish World Championship

Boyd Housey

Sailor image
CountryUnited States
Home port Pass Christian, MS
Sail number
Sailing clubSouthern Yacht Club
Sunfish ranking (rank/points)176/ 13,21
World Sailing

Worlds results

2015Paracas (PER) - Yacht Club Peruano47

Other results

ILCA 6GYA Laser Radial Sailor of the Year  (USA)
ILCA 6Junior Olympics Pensacola Yacht Club (USA)3
CapdeveilleWeatherly - and Leukemia Regatta  (USA)4
ILCA 6Alfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)5
SunfishGulf Coast Regional  (USA)5
Flying ScotJunior North American Championship Bay Waveland YC (USA)5
Flying ScotAlfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)5
SunfishCharles Galloway Trophy Gulfport YC (USA)5
ILCA 6Orange Bowl Coral Reef YC (USA)41
ILCA 6Alfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)1
ILCA 6Galloway Regatta  (USA)1
SunfishYouth & Junior NA championship Bay Waveland YC (USA)3
Flying ScotBack to school regatta Pontchartrain YC (USA)4
ILCA 6GYA Junior Lipton Challenge Southern YC (USA)7
ILCA 6Galloway Regatta  (USA)3
OptimistGalloway Regatta  (USA)
420Jr Championship  (USA)6
ILCA 6Alfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)
OptimistUSODA Team Trials  (USA)120
OptimistAlfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)2
ILCA 6Galloway Regatta  (USA)3
OptimistGulf Coast Championship - Blue fleet Optimist Gulf Coast Championship (USA)4
Flying ScotSuperbowl Regatta Bay Waveland YC (USA)4
ILCA 6Texas Youth Race Week  (USA)12
OptimistMagic Marine Easter Regatta - Bronze fleet  (NLD)35
OptimistUSA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival Pensacola YC (USA)1
OptimistGalloway Regatta  (USA)3
OptimistAlfonso Regatta & Sutter Cup Gulfport YC (USA)
OptimistGalloway Regatta Gulfport YC (USA)2
OptimistIndependence Day Regatta Pensacola YC (USA)1
OptimistSugar Bowl Regatta Southern YC (USA)3
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