50th Sunfish World Championship

Shawn Lobree

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CountryUnited States
Home port
Sail number
Sailing clubn/a
1981-Sunfish-USA-Youth & Junior NA championship

Worlds results

1982San Mateo, CA (USA) - Coyote Point Yacht Club40

Other results

SunfishSoutheast Regional #1 Coconut Grove SC (USA)
SunfishFlorida State Championship  (USA)
SunfishSoutheast Regional #3 Biscane Bay, Miami (USA)
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter New Orleans YC (USA)
SunfishFlorida State Championship  (USA)
SunfishYouth & Junior NA championship James Island YC (USA)

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Sailed with

Dunn, Dave  (USA) 4
Guerdan, David  (USA) 3
Calvet, Paco  (USA) 3
Bergman, Don  (USA) 2
Blouin, Joe  (USA) 2
Rahn, Charlie  (USA) 2
Maher, Lawrence  (USA) 2
Azuma, Masaru  (JPN) 2
Cappelletti, Guillermo  (PER) 1
Martinborough, Donald  (BHS) 1
Zimmermann, Alex  (PER) 1
Kostecki, John  (USA) 1
Chapin, Dave  (USA) 1
Fries, Derrick  (USA) 1
Moore, Ted  (USA) 1
Schneider, Jurgen  (CUW) 1
Dennert, Marcel  (CUW) 1
Kervel, Ernie  (ABW) 1
Christiaan, Andre  (ABW) 1
Roose, Alex  (CUW) 1
Stewart, James  (BMU) 1
Dane-Weatherly, Leslie  (USA) 1
Fisher, Paul  (BMU) 1
Lee, Howard  (BMU) 1
Frith, David  (BMU) 1
Catalano, Michael  (USA) 1
Willy, Jack  (USA) 1
Gay, Todd  (USA) 1
Herndon, Eric  (USA) 1
Aberson, Rob  (SXM) 1