50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners Inland Lakes Regional

Year # Event Venue Winner
20020Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeGuzder, Shapoor
20010Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche Lake
20000Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeNarveson, Robbert
19990Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche Lake
19980Inland Lakes RegionalBattle Lake, MNNarveson, Robbert
19970Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche Lake
19960Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeRaster, Tom
19950Inland Lakes RegionalCormorant Lakes SCHunt,Louis
19940Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeHunt,Louis
19930Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeLeague, Harry
19920Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche LakeLeague, Harry
19910Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche Lake
19900Inland Lakes RegionalBlanche Lake
19890Inland Lakes Regional WestBlanche LakeRaster, Tom
19880Inland Lakes Regional #1Raster, Tom
19880Inland Lakes Regional #2Barnum Bay YCBergman, Jean
19870Inland Lakes RegionalRaster, Tom
19860Inland Lakes RegionalGay, Todd
19850Inland Lakes RegionalFindlay, Bob
19840Inland Lakes RegionalBig Sand Lake ClubBergman, Don
19830Inland Lakes RegionalBig Sand Lake ClubBergman, Don
19820Inland Lakes Regional #1Blanche LakeHunt,Louis
19820Inland Lakes Regional #2Omaha, NEHunt,Louis
19810Inland Lakes RegionalBennett, Jamie
19800Inland Lakes RegionalBerry, Charlie
19790Inland Lakes RegionalLake Nokomis SCSporka,Jim
19780Inland Lakes RegionalBig Sand Lake ClubSporka,Jim

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