50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners Northeast Regional

Year # Event Venue Winner
20160Northeast Regional #1Barrington YCMcGinnis, Brian
20100Northeast Regional
20090Northeast Regional
20080Northeast Regional
20060Northeast Regional #1Barrington YC Brangiforte, Bill
20050Northeast Regional Buttner, Drew
20040Northeast Regional Brangiforte, Bill
20030Northeast Regional
20020Northeast RegionalBarrington YCGreenbaum, Scott
20010Northeast Regional #2Sprite Island YCCharles, Ken
20000Northeast regional mastersSprite Island YCCremer, Ted
19990Northeast Regional
19980Northeast Regional
19970Northeast Regional
19960Northeast Regional
19950Northeast Regional
19930Northeast Regional
19920Northeast Regional
19910Northeast Regional
19900Northeast Regional
19890Northeast RegionalBolton Lake Kyle, Scott
19880Northeast Regional
19870Northeast Regional
19860Northeast RegionalBarrington YCGuck, Lars
19850Northeast Regional
19840Northeast Regional #1Barrington YCAdams, Meredith
19840Northeast Regional #2Niagara SCBeckwith, Alan
19830Northeast Regional #1Rochester CCWilliams, Chris
19830Northeast Regional #2Barrington YCPhilbrick,Samuel
19820Northeast Regional #1Barrington YCVessela, Peter
19820Northeast Regional #2Rochester CCEiffert, Eric
19810Northeast RegionalBarrington YCVessela, Peter
19800Northeast Regional
19790Northeast RegionalBarrington YCFendler, Paul

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