50th Sunfish Worlds

Past winners Youth & Junior NA championship

Year # Event Venue Winner
201956Youth & Junior NA championship
201855Youth & Junior NA championshipGomez Ortiz, Simon
201754Youth & Junior NA championshipSayville YCSesack, William
201653Youth & Junior NA championshipLewes YCSeguel, Clemente
201552Youth & Junior NA championshipRush Creek YCGonzalez Arria, David
201451Youth & Junior NA championshipBay Waveland YCBirkett Tamariz, John
201350Youth & Junior NA championshipBrant Beach YCCollantes de Riglos, Alonso
201249Youth & Junior NA championshipLake Bluff YCDraheim, Stewart
201148Youth & Junior NA championshipAponte Taboas, Ivan E.
201047Youth & Junior NA championshipMattituck YCGutierrez, Jose Vicente
200946Youth & Junior NA championshipJames Island YCMartinetti, Jonathan
200845Youth & Junior NA championshipErie YCBoger, Bobby
200744Youth & Junior NA championshipSouthold YCBoger, Bobby
200643Youth & Junior NA championshipRush Creek YCGutierrez, Luis
200542Youth & Junior NA championshipLewes YCRohde, Krysta
200441Youth & Junior NA championshipCanandaigua YCHesse, Dan
200340Youth & Junior NA championshipBay Waveland YCHamilton, Ryan
200239Youth & Junior NA championshipBarrington YCStampe, Simon
200138Youth & Junior NA championshipNorth Shore YC/ Lake Bluff YCStampe, Simon
200037Youth & Junior NA championshipKleinschrodt, Karl
199936Youth & Junior NA championshipBerrios, Alejandro
199835Youth & Junior NA championshipHouston YCStearns, Philip
199734Youth & Junior NA championshipGulfport YCEagan, Marcus
199633Youth & Junior NA championshipSayville YCVidal, Hector
199532Youth & Junior NA championshipLewes YCPascalides, TJ
199431Youth & Junior NA championshipCharleston YCClifton, Chip
199330Youth & Junior NA championshipSpringfield YCOlson, Jeff
199229Youth & Junior NA championshipBarrington YCClement, David
199128Youth & Junior NA championshipBay Waveland YCClement, David
199027Youth & Junior NA championshipStewart, Chad
198926Youth & Junior NA championshipThompson, Tucker
198825Youth & Junior NA championshipRobertson, Lebby
198724Youth & Junior NA championshipCharleston YCCoward, Peter
198623Youth & Junior NA championshipCorpus Christi YCMaher, Marcus
198522Youth & Junior NA championshipWhiteway,Jeff
198421Youth & Junior NA championshipSalminen, Will
198320Youth & Junior NA championshipLake MichiganGuck, Lars
198219Youth & Junior NA championshipRidgeway, OntarioKyle, Scott
198118Youth & Junior NA championshipJames Island YCLobree,Shawn
198017Youth & Junior NA championshipGulfport YCMaher, Lawrence
197916Youth & Junior NA championship Harrison,Scott
197815Youth & Junior NA championshipBarrington YCElliot, Dave
197714Youth & Junior NA championshipRogers, Yandell
197613Youth & Junior NA championship
197512Youth & Junior NA championshipEiffert, Greg

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