50th Sunfish Worlds

Past winners Women NA Championship

Year # Event Venue Winner
202143Women NA ChampionshipColumbia SCYoung, Caroline
201942Women NA ChampionshipMurphy-Heausler, Gail
201841Women NA ChampionshipLake Travis Brock, Lucy
201740Women NA ChampionshipFairhope YCPatin-Cottrell, Anne
201639Women NA ChampionshipMenantic YCMurphy-Heausler, Gail
201538Women NA ChampionshipHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
201437Women NA ChampionshipLake Bluff YC Patin-Cottrell, Anne
201336Women NA ChampionshipDavis Island YCStrauley, Mindy
201235Women NA ChampionshipWindycrest SCKoehler, Marguerite
201134Women NA ChampionshipSayville YCEdwards-Swan, Anne
201033Women NA championshipSarasota Sailing SquadronEdwards-Swan, Anne
200932Women NA ChampionshipBay Waveland YCEdwards-Swan, Anne
200831Women NA ChampionshipLewes YCPatin-Cottrell, Anne
200730Women NA ChampionshipWawasee YCEdwards-Swan, Anne
200629Women NA ChampionshipSarasota Sailing SquadronSims, Jackie
200528Women NA ChampionshipHouston YC & Bay Waveland YCKolius-Weberlein, Joanne
200427Women NA ChampionshipNinnescah SAEdwards-Swan, Anne
200326Women NA ChampionshipJames Island YCMurphy-Heausler, Gail
200225Women NA ChampionshipClearwater YCHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
200124Women NA ChampionshipMoriches YCPatin-Cottrell, Anne
200023Women NA championshipAustin YCKolius-Weberlein, Joanne
199922Women NA ChampionshipBay Waveland YCHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
199821Women NA ChampionshipWequaquet Lake YCTillman, Linda
199720Women NA ChampionshipIndian BeachHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
199619Women NA ChampionshipLake Bluff YCForman, Kara
199518Women NA ChampionshipSea CliffSeiffert, Posy
199417Women NA ChampionshipAustin YCParks, Lee
199316Women NA ChampionshipColumbia SCHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
199215Women NA ChampionshipWequaquet Lake YCBergman, Jean
199114Women NA ChampionshipMandevilleMurphy-Heausler, Gail
199013Women NA ChampionshipLewes YCShepstone, Melissa
198912Women NA ChampionshipDavis Island YCBergman, Jean
198811Women NA ChampionshipHouston YCMurphy-Heausler, Gail
198710Women NA ChampionshipRehoboth Bay SAParks, Lee
19869Women NA ChampionshipMiamiHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
19858Women NA ChampionshipWinnetka, ILHeffernan-Haberland, Nancy
19847Women NA ChampionshipMarionDane-Weatherly, Leslie
19836Women NA ChampionshipHouston YCDane-Weatherly, Leslie
19825Women NA ChampionshipGulfport YCDane-Weatherly, Leslie
19814Women NA ChampionshipMattituck YCDane-Weatherly, Leslie
19803Women NA ChampionshipDevils Lake YCBergman, Jean
19792Women NA ChampionshipSpringfield YCBergman, Jean
19781Women NA ChampionshipSakonnet YCStarkweather, Martha

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