50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners Southeast Regional

Year # Event Venue Winner
20190Southeast RegionalLake Norman YCButine, John
20180Southeast Regional #1James Island YCHumphries, Oliver
20160Southeast RegionalOsprey YCDean, Sonya
20150Southeast Regional #2Carolina YCSmith, William T
20150Southeast Regional #1James Island YCHurley, Joel
20140Southeast RegionalRaney, Bill
20130Southeast RegionalColombia SCDeLoach, Marc
20120Southeast Regional #2Colombia SCSechrist, George
20120Southeast Regional #1James Island YCLoring, David M.
20110Southeast RegionalBlackbeard SCEberle, Rob
20100Southeast RegionalCarolina YCUram, Alan
20090Southeast Regional #2Augusta SCWhitehurst, Richard
20090Southeast Regional #1Charleston YCUram, Alan
20080Southeast RegionalJames Island YCSiegler, Seth
20070Southeast RegionalGust, Greg
20070Southeast Regional #1Charleston YCWhitehurst, Richard
20070Southeast Regional #2Gust, Greg
20060Southeast Regional James Island YC Mendelblatt, David
20050Southeast RegionalJames Island YCLiebl, James
20040Southeast Regional SavannahLiebl, James
20030Southeast Regional Hilton HeadRohde, Dan
20010Southeast Regional James Island vc Krawcheck, Kenneth
20000Southeast RegionalJames Island vcHassinger, Stanley
19990Southeast RegionalOrientalHassinger, Stanley
19980Southeast RegionalJames Island YCKrawcheck, Kenneth
19970Southeast RegionalJames Island YCLoring, David M.
19960Southeast RegionalCarolina YCKrawcheck, Kenneth
19950Southeast Regional #1Davis Island YCGable, Mike
19950Southeast Regional #2Carolina YCLinton, Jeff
19940Southeast RegionalSarasota Sailing SquadronLinton, Jeff
19940Southeast Regional #2Melbourne YCForman, Kara
19930Southeast RegionalBuccanneer YCLinton, Jeff
19930Southeast Regional #2USSC MiamiLinton, Jeff
19920Southeast RegionalPunta Gorda SCClifton, Charles
19910Southeast Regional #2Sarasota Sailing SquadronKoch, Rod
19910Southeast Regional #1Columbia SCLinton, Jeff
19900Southeast RegionalSatellite BeachTaylor, Mark
19890Women Southeast ChampionshipGulfport YCBlake, Diane
19890Southeast RegionalWateree SCSengstacken, Jack
19890Southeast Regional #2Carolina YCSwan, Randall
19890Southeast Regional #3Clearwater YCClifton, Charles
19880Southeast Regional #1Wateree SCDeacon, Arthur
19880Southeast Regional #2Guerdan, David
19870Southeast Regional #1Columbia SCSwan, Randall
19870Southeast Regional #2Lake Monroe, Sanford, FL Heffernan-Haberland, Nancy
19860Southeast Regional #1Fort Walton Beach, FLBlouin, Joe
19860Southeast Regional #2Orlando YCDunn, Dave
19850Southeast RegionalMiamiCatalano, Michael
19840Southeast RegionalOcean Springs YCAzuma, Masaru
19830Southeast Regional #2Bay Waveland YCStieffel, Bishop
19830Southeast Regional #1Coconut Grove SCLobree,Shawn
19820Southeast Regional #1Key West SCDunn, Dave
19820Southeast Regional #2Seabrook Island, SCKerman,Michael
19820Southeast Regional #3Biscane Bay, MiamiLobree,Shawn
19810Southeast Regional
19800Southeast Regional
19790Southeast Regional
19780Southeast RegionalLake Mongonia SCCatalano, Michael

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