50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners North American championship

Year # Event Venue Winner
202158North AmericansLake Norman YCBlouin, Conner
201957North AmericansJames Island YCBlouin, Conner
201856North AmericansLake Bluff YCGomez Ortiz, Simon
201755North AmericansSayville YCCollantes de Riglos, Alonso
201654North AmericansLewes YCCordero, Eduardo
201553North AmericansRush Creek YCHackerott, Joao
201452North AmericansBay Waveland YCDucasse, Andres
201351North AmericansBrant Beach YCGonzalez Arria, David
201250North AmericansWaukegan YCMendelblatt, David
201149North AmericansBarrington YCDucasse, Andres
201048North AmericansMattituck YCBrangiforte, Bill
200947North AmericansJames Island YCMartinetti, Jonathan
200846North AmericansErie YCKaukeinen, Doug
200745North AmericansFairhope YCCordero, Eduardo
200644North AmericansRush Creek YCFoerster, Paul
200543North AmericansLewes YCCordero, Eduardo
200442North AmericansCanandaigua YCCordero, Eduardo
200341North AmericansBay Waveland YCCordero, Eduardo
200240North AmericansBarrington YCEagan, Marcus
200139North AmericansHighland Lakes YCFries, Derrick
200038North AmericansFairhope YCLinton, Jeff
199937North AmericansHyannis YCSmith, Malcolm
199836North AmericansHouston YCSmith, Malcolm
199735North AmericansGulfport YCLinton, Jeff
199634North AmericansSayville YCCordero, Eduardo
199533North AmericansLewes YCLinton, Jeff
199432North AmericansCharleston YCLinton, Jeff
199331North AmericansSpringfield YCLinton, Jeff
199230North AmericansBarrington YCKoch, Rod
199129North AmericansBay Waveland YCKyle, Scott
199028North AmericansSayville YCKyle, Scott
198927North AmericansTawasFries, Derrick
198826North AmericansRehoboth Bay SAFindlay, Bob
198725North AmericansCharleston YCKyle, Scott
198624North AmericansCorpus Christi, TXMaher, Lawrence
198523North AmericansBrant Beach YCFries, Derrick
198422North AmericansHouston YCMaher, Lawrence
198321North AmericansWilmetteFries, Derrick
198220North AmericansRidgeway OntarioRuby, Lenonard K.
19820North AmericansRuby, Lenonard K.
198119North AmericansCharleston YCOdegard, Paul A.
198018North AmericansGulfport YCBlouin, Joe
197917North AmericansSpringfield YCBeckwith, Alan
197816North AmericansBarrington YCPhilbrick,Nathaniel
197715North AmericansSeabrook, TXBrown, Buddy
197614North AmericansAssociation Island, NYHookansen,Jens
197513North AmericansIndian Lake, OHFurman, Joel
197412North AmericansAssociation Island, NYKnight,Carl
197311North AmericansSayville YCKnight,Carl
197210North AmericansDevils Lake, MIHall, Major
19719North AmericansSayville YCEvans, Jack
19708North AmericansWinnetka, ILGriffin,Dick
19697North AmericansCazenovia, NYKnight,Carl
19686North AmericansDevils Lake YCWhite, Will W.
19675North AmericansGanonoquePost, Henry
19664North AmericansCazenovia Lake, NYWhite, Will W.
19653North AmericansIndian Lake, MIStokes, Scott
19642North AmericansCandtewood Lake, CTDavies, David
19631North AmericansWequaquet Lake YCStokes, Scott

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