50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners West Regional

Year # Event Venue Winner
20200Western RegionalAdolphs, Randy
20180Western RegionalMission Bay YCHenkart, Paul
20170Western RegionalMission Bay YCPiehl, Les
20160Western RegionalMission Bay YCPiehl, Les
20150Western RegionalMission Bay YCPiehl, Les
20140Western RegionalMission Bay YCGauger, Derek
20130Western RegionalMission Bay YCPiehl, Les
20120Western RegionalPiehl, Les
20110Western RegionalPiehl, Les
20040Western RegionalScotts Flat LakeCronin,Bob
20030Western RegionalScotts Flat ReservoirByron, Jonk
20010Western Regional Cronin,Bob
20000Western RegionalClear Lake, CACronin,Bob
19990Western RegionalGold Country YCCronin,Bob
19980Western Regional Cronin,Bob
19970Western Regional Coe, Darryl
19960Western Regional Wilson,George
19940Western Regional
19930Western RegionalClear Lake, CAStraub, Rich
19920Western RegionalTreasure Island YCLeague, Harry
19910Western Regional
19900Western Regional
19890Western Regional
19880Western Regional Dozier, Earl
19870Western Regional
19860Western Regional Heffernan-Haberland, Nancy
19850Western Regional
19840Western Regional Wilson,George
19830Western RegionalDiablo SCVessela, Peter
19820Western RegionalCronin,Bob
19810Western Regional
19800Western RegionalLakeport YCPexton,Steve
19790Western RegionalWilson,George
19780Western RegionalWilson,George

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