50th Sunfish World Championship


Sunfish 50th World Championship Postponed until October 2021

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2020-12-08 by Gerard Vos

The ongoing and increasingly formidable pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives around the world. We bemoan losing some of our favorite regattas, but the risk/reward equation favors the risk side. Yes, because the Sunfish is a single-handed boat, the Class has been able to hold some regional regattas as well as the recent Midwinters for the U.S. Championship. That said, the technical logistics of hosting a World Championship are considerably more complex and are made even more so in this COVID environment.
To qualify as a World Championship, the regatta must have sailors from three different continents. With travel restrictions as they are, it is highly unlikely we would be able to have sailors from South America or Europe travel to Sarasota, FL, to race. Add to that the need for an International Jury and the feasibility of running a World Championships is not likely.
As such, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron has agreed to postpone the 50th Worlds once more. The event originally scheduled for September 2020 was initially moved to May 2021 but now, the 50th Worlds is scheduled to be sailed from October 23-29, 2021.

Qualification Process
Last spring, when the original 2020 Worlds was cancelled, the Class agreed to a process that would blend qualification events sailed in 2019 and 2020 to create a 2021 Worlds invite list.
• USSCA is normally allocated 30 berths for the Worlds. After creating the blended qualifier list, a total of 37 sailors qualified in one year or the other (many qualified in both years) and will be receiving invitations per the USSCA Class Notice (Qualifier list (PDF).
• ISCA National Sunfish Class Associations, who normally receive five berths for the Worlds, will receive a sixth berth in 2021 if they paid their 2020 ISCA dues.
• Finally, per the ISCA Class Notice, ISCA World Council, Advisory Board, and designated former champions will also receive invitations to sail.

Registration update
To simplify the registration process, all registrations previously submitted for the 2020 Worlds have been deleted and any funds paid are in the process of being returned to the registrants. We have revised the NoR (PDF) and reposted it on Yacht Scoring. Qualifiers wishing to participate will be asked to register now but NOT make any payments until closer to the event.

The Sunfish Class would like to thank Cindy Clifton and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron for working with the Class to schedule and host the ISCA 50th World Championship. Questions, feel free to reach out to Ed “Buttons” Padin, Sunfish Class Administrator, sunfishoff@gmail.com.