50th Sunfish Worlds

Tom Katterheinrich  vs  David Frith

Year Class/Event Ranking Event Tom Katterheinrich David Frith
1984Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Ontario (CAN) (CAN) Y2220
1985Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Riccione (ITA) (ITA) Y2922
1988Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Bahamas (BAH) Y4935
1990Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Orlando, FL (USA) (USA) Y4918
1995Sunfish US Sunfish Masters (USA) Y1021
1995Sunfish Sunfish Master Worlds, Sarasota, FL (USA) (USA) Y1021
1996Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Dominican Republic (DOM) Y6244
1998Sunfish US Sunfish MastersNSYC & LBYC (USA) Y1110
2003Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Boca Ciega YC (USA) Y6148
2011Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Fort Walton YC (USA) Y4144
2011Sunfish Sunfish Master Worlds, Fort Walton Beach, FL (USA) (USA) Y2924
3 8

Listed are only events that both sailors sailed! The graph shows the ranking trend over time.

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