50th Sunfish Worlds

Hank Saurage  vs  Clinton Edwards

Year Class/Event Ranking Event Hank Saurage Clinton Edwards
1991Sunfish Spring RegattaBuccanneer YC (USA) 49
1995Sunfish Sugar Bowl RegattaNew Orleans YC (USA) 510
1996Sunfish Dogwood RegattaFairhope YC (USA) 23
1996Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalBuccanneer YC (USA) 415
1996Sunfish Back to school regattaPonchartrain YC (USA) 415
1996Sunfish Schools out regattaMandeville (USA) 46
1997Sunfish Crawfish Regatta (USA) 41
1997Sunfish RondinellaBay Waveland YC (USA) 41
1997Sunfish Schools out regatta (USA) 12
1997Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Miami (USA) Y727
1997Sunfish North AmericansGulfport YC (USA) Y520
1997Sunfish Sugar Bowl RegattaNew Orleans YC (USA) 18
1997Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 61
1997Sunfish Galveston BC RegattaGalveston BC (USA) 13
1997Sunfish Gulf Coast Regional (USA) 521
1997Sunfish GYA Opening Regatta (USA) 15
1998Sunfish Fall RegattaPelican YC (USA) 35
1998Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Sayville, NY (USA) (USA) Y712
1998Sunfish Spring RegattaBuccanneer YC (USA) 154
1998Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Tampa (USA) Y1425
1998Sunfish Galveston BC RegattaGalveston BC (USA) 410
1998Sunfish Sugar Bowl RegattaNew Orleans YC (USA) 122
1998Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalBay Waveland YC (USA) 16
1999Sunfish Superbowl RegattaBay Waveland YC (USA) 67
1999Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 32
1999Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA) Y1413
1999Sunfish Southwest Regional #1Corinthian YC (USA) 64
1999Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalBuccanneer YC (USA) 34
1999Sunfish Wadewitz RegattaFairhope YC (USA) 21
2000Sunfish DeFrostbite RegattaPass Christian YC (USA) 12
2000Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 315
2000Sunfish Mardi Gras regattaNew Orleans YC (USA) 16
2000Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalPonchartrain YC (USA) 13
2000Sunfish Rondinella Bay Waveland YC (USA) 23
2000Sunfish Spring RegattaBuccanneer YC (USA) 35
2000Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Fort Walton Beach (USA) Y917
2001Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Clearwater YC (USA) Y36
2001Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 15
2001Sunfish Gulf Coast Regional (USA) 45
2001Sunfish Rondinella Bay Waveland YC (USA) 39
2001Sunfish Superbowl RegattaBay Waveland YC (USA) 511
2001Sunfish Spring RegattaBuccanneer YC (USA) 16
2001Sunfish Southwest RegionalHouston YC (USA) 68
2001Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Colonna (Antiqua) (ANT) Y2633
2002Sunfish Sugar Bowl RegattaSouthern YC (USA) 82
2002Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 34
2002Sunfish RondinellaBay Waveland YC (USA) 14
2002Sunfish Superbowl RegattaSouthern YC (USA) 82
2002Sunfish Superbowl RegattaBay Waveland YC (USA) 54
2002Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Davis Island YC (USA) Y716
2003Sunfish US Pan AM TrialsSarasota Sailing Squadron (USA) 38
2003Sunfish North AmericansBay Waveland YC (USA) Y434
2003Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Boca Ciega YC (USA) Y148
2003Sunfish PanAm Games trialsSarasota Sailing Squadron (USA) 38
2003Sunfish Southwest Regional #2Rush Creek YC (USA) 63
2003Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalPensacola YC (USA) 36
2003Sunfish Spring RegattaBuccanneer YC (USA) 112
2004Sunfish Superbowl RegattaBay Waveland YC (USA) 14
2004Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 28
2004Sunfish Gulf Coast Regional #2Bay Waveland YC (USA) 13
2004Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Pensacola YC (USA) Y410
2004Sunfish RondinellaBay Waveland YC (USA) 13
2004Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Hyannis, MA (USA) (USA) Y1724
2005Sunfish Gulf Coast Regional (USA) 17
2006Sunfish North AmericansRush Creek YC (USA) Y86
2006Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalPontchartrain YC  (USA) 311
2010Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 14
2010Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalFairhope YC (USA) 42
2012Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalPontchartrain YC (USA) 26
2012Sunfish US Sunfish MastersBay Waveland YC (USA) Y34
2013Sunfish Meigs Regatta/ Gulf Coast RegionalFort Walton YC (USA) 12
2013Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalBay Waveland YC (USA) 14
2014Sunfish Back to school regattaPontchartrain YC (USA) 12
2014Sunfish Charles Galloway TrophyGulfport YC (USA) 14
2020Sunfish Gulf Coast RegionalsBay Waveland YC (USA) 104
58 17

Listed are only events that both sailors sailed! The graph shows the ranking trend over time.

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