50th Sunfish Worlds

Marguerite Koehler  vs  Nicholas Patin

Year Class/Event Ranking Event Marguerite Koehler Nicholas Patin
2016Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter US Sailing Center Martin County (USA) Y923
2016Sunfish North AmericansLewes YC (USA) Y2144
2017Sunfish New York Downstate RegionalMoriches YC (USA) 67
2017Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Brant Beach, FL (USA) (USA) Y4123
2017Sunfish US Nationals at Midwinter Charlotte Harbor Community SC (USA) Y1223
2017Sunfish North AmericansSayville YC (USA) Y3533
2018Sunfish New York Downstate Regional (USA) 164
4 3

Listed are only events that both sailors sailed! The graph shows the ranking trend over time.

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