50th Sunfish Worlds

Alejandro Mago Cueto  vs  Nicholas Patin

Year Class/Event Ranking Event Alejandro Mago Cueto Nicholas Patin
2016Sunfish North AmericansLewes YC (USA) Y1544
2017Sunfish Sunfish Youth Worlds - Brant Beach, FL (USA) (USA) Y414
2017Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Brant Beach, FL (USA) (USA) Y2523
2018Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Carolina YC (USA) (USA) Y1226
2018Sunfish Sunfish Youth Worlds - Carolina YC (USA) (USA) Y36
2019Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Bonaire (BON) Y931
2021Sunfish Sunfish Worlds, Sarasota, FL (USA) (USA) Y2239
6 1

Listed are only events that both sailors sailed! The graph shows the ranking trend over time.

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