50th Sunfish World Championship

Special Offer to Purchase a 2021 Worlds Sunfish

2021-09-18 by Gerard Vos

The lead sponsor of the 2021 ISCA World Championship this October is Sunfish Direct led by Chris McLellan. Chris and Sunfish Direct are supplying for the Worlds 100 brand new Sunfish.

These boats only will be used for this one regatta and, afterwards, one can be yours at a considerably discounted price.
Chris is preselling these Worlds boats for $4,995.00 plus freight where applicable. This price is for a complete event boat used in the regatta plus a Dynamic event dolly.  

The boats can either be picked be up from the event on Sunday, October 31, or shipped to the customer starting in November.  

Chris is also offering to store paid-for boats, at no charge, for the winter with delivery sometime in the spring/summer of 2022.
There's no need to wait until October to put your name on one of these specially-priced new Sunfish.

Anyone interested in purchasing one should contact Chris at customerservice@sunfishdirect.com. 

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news photo

This is the Sunfish Worlds Sail 2021

2021-09-02 by Gerard Vos

This is the Sunfish Worlds Sail 2021!

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The Lion Rampant band

2021-03-28 by Gerard Vos

The Lion Rampant band will play at the Sunfish World opening ceremony.

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Sunfish 50th World Championship Postponed until October 2021

2020-12-08 by Gerard Vos

The ongoing and increasingly formidable pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives around the world. We bemoan losing some of our favorite regattas, but the risk/reward equation favors the risk side. Yes, because the Sunfish is a single-handed boat, the Class has been able to hold some regional regattas as well as the recent Midwinters for the U.S. Championship. That said, the technical logistics of hosting a World Championship are considerably more complex and are made even more so in this COVID environment. To qualify as a World Championship, the regatta must have sailors from three different continents. With travel restrictions as they are, it is highly unlikely we would be able to have sailors from South America or Europe travel to Sarasota, FL, to race. Add to that the need for an International Jury and the feasibility of running a World Championships is not likely. As such, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron has agreed to postpone the 50th Worlds once more. The event originally scheduled for Septe

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Photo hunt

2020-03-26 by Gerard Vos

This year we hope to sail the 50th Sunfish Worlds! We have *all* results from previous Worlds. We have photos from 31 (!) Worlds. So the search is on for the missing years (1972-1975, 1977-1982, 1986, 1987, 1993-1995, 1997). Go search for them in your analogue photo albums. If you are able to contribute: contact us via the contactpage.

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2022 Sunfish World to be held in Italy

2020-02-17 by Gerard Vos

The International Sunfish Class Association is pleased and excited to announce that the 2022 Sunfish World Championships will be hosted by Circolo Vela Torbole in Torbole, Italy.  The club will be hosting the Masters and Youth Worlds from June 21-25 and the Invitational World Championship from June 26- July 2.  The sailing venue will be the beautiful waters of Lake Garda.  Once again, LaserPerformance has graciously agreed to provide 72 brand new Sunfish for the event.  A notice of race will be posted as soon as it is available.  Qualification for this Invitational Worlds happens this summer!  Get out and qualify!

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29 days...

Current entries:

Sunfish Worldchampions:

Blouin, Joe (1991m, 1994m, 1997m, 2000m, 2004m)
Gomez Ortiz, Simon (2018y, 2019y)
Gust, Greg (2013m, 2014m, 2015m)
Martinborough, Donald (1983, 1985, 1988, 2009m)
Martinetti, Jonathan (2009y, 2010)
Patin, Paul-Jon (1992, 2016m, 2017m)
Trazegnies, Jean Paul de (2011y, 2018)
Williams, Chris (2003m)
Zimmermann, Alex (2019m)
(m=(Int.) Master, y=Youth)

North American champions:

Beckwith, Alan (1979)
Blouin, Conner (2019, 2021)
Blouin, Joe (1980)
Findlay, Bob (1988)
Gomez Ortiz, Simon (2018)
Kaukeinen, Doug (2008)
Linton, Jeff (2000, 1997, 1995, 1994, 1993)
Martinetti, Jonathan (2009)
Mendelblatt, David (2012)
Odegard, Paul (1981)

NA Women champions:

Parks, Lee (1987, 1994)

Midwinter champions:

Beckwith, Alan (1992)
Blouin, Conner (2019)
Findlay, Bob (1993, 1990, 1988, 1987, 1985, 1984)
Hernandez Santos, Jose Daniel (2021)
Linton, Jeff (1995)
Martinetti, Jonathan (2014, 2015)
Mendelblatt, David (2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2013)
Olson, Jeff (2012)
Saurage, Hank (2008)
Schmitt, Eugene (2016, 2017)

US Master champions:

Beatty, Ash (2000)
Blouin, Joe (2005)
Chapman, Rich (2002, 2011)
Findlay, Bob (2014)
Gust, Greg (2012, 2017, 2003, 2020)
Kaukeinen, Doug (2018, 2013, 2015)
Norton, Dan (2016)
Patin, Paul-Jon (2009)
Williams, Chris (2004)

Frequent participants:

Patin, Paul-Jon (30x)
Martinborough, Donald (29x)
Saurage, Hank (23x)
Cappelletti, Guillermo (21x)
Roose, Alex (20x)
Parks, Lee (19x)
Zimmermann, Alex (15x)
Odegard, Paul (15x)
Katterheinrich, Tom (14x)
Mendelblatt, David (14x)
Montes, Lee (14x)
Stapert, Sipke (13x)
Chapman, Rich (11x)
Martinez, Juan Carlos (11x)
Williams, Chris (11x)
Gust, Greg (10x)
Findlay, Bob (10x)
Martis, Alfred Ramon (10x)
Linton, Jeff (10x)
Miller, Connie (10x)
Trazegnies, Jean Paul de (10x)
Stanton, Peter (9x)
Blouin, Joe (9x)
Martinetti, Jonathan (8x)
Turluck, Gail (8x)
Mass, Larry (7x)
Dean, Sonya (7x)
Luca, Luigi de (7x)
Butine, John (7x)
Condon, John (6x)
Liotta, Antonio (6x)
Norton, Dan (6x)
Beckwith, Alan (6x)
Soliano, George (6x)
Nuijten, Ton (6x)
McHenry, Ronald (6x)
Schmitt, Eugene (6x)
Mago Cueto, Alejandro (5x)
Shumaker, Peter (5x)
Favela Guzman, Rod (5x)
Kaukeinen, Doug (5x)