50th Sunfish World Championship

Schedule of events

2020-10-1709:0018:00Check-in and Boat Measurement
2020-10-1809:0017:00Check-in and Boat Measurement
2020-10-1814:00 Practice race
2020-10-1818:00 Skipper's meetingSSS
2020-10-1819:00 Opening ceremonie
To be held in park next to the SSS to be led in by David Frith of Bermuda and the Rampant Lions Pipe & Drum Band of Sarasota. Hors d'oeuvres served after at the SSS.
2020-10-19 Breakfast/snacks by Luffing Lassies
2020-10-1912:00 Warning signal race 1
2020-10-1918:00 Keg & Take-away tacosSSS
2020-10-20 Breakfast/snacks by Luffing Lassies
2020-10-2012:00 Warning signal first race of the day
2020-10-2018:00 Dinner
Shrimp Boil Dinner and Celebration of 50 years of Sunfish World Championships. Activities include movies of the past Worlds, introduction of former world champs and participants. Some historical stories of past worlds.
2020-10-21 Breakfast/snacks by Luffing Lassies
2020-10-2112:00 Warning signal first race of the day
2020-10-2117:00 World Council meeting
2020-10-2118:00 Dinner
2020-10-22 Reserve day
2020-10-23 Breakfast/snacks by Luffing Lassies
2020-10-2310:00 Warning signal first race of the day
2020-10-2314:00 Boat return
2020-10-2319:00 Awards dinner and ceremnoy
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)