Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Bishop Stieffel

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
NSCA sailnumber 43681
Sailing clubBay Waveland YC
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Worlds results
2002Houston, TX (USA)6
2000Sarasota, FL (USA)13
1996Dominican Republic22
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Other Sunfish results
2012-Sunfish-Master championship (USA)10
2004-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)8
2004-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)4
2004-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)7
2004-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)6
2004-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)3
2004-Sunfish-Rondinella - Gulf Coast reginal #2 (USA)6
2003-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)8
2003-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)10
2003-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)2
2003-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)6
2003-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)1
2003-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)12
2003-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)12
2002-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)14
2002-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)1
2002-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)9
2002-Sunfish-Wadewitz Regatta (USA)6
2002-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-Monk Smith Regatta (USA)1
2002-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)1
2002-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)1
2002-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)1
2001-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)8
2001-Sunfish-Galveston BC Regatta (USA)2
2001-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)1
2001-Sunfish-Rondinella Trophy (USA)5
2001-Sunfish-Superbowl regatta (USA)9
2001-Sunfish-Southwest Regional (USA)12
2001-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)5
2000-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)11
2000-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)10
2000-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)3
2000-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)4
2000-Sunfish-Galveston BC Regatta (USA)5
2000-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)5
2000-Sunfish-Superbowl regatta (USA)3
2000-Sunfish-Wadewitz Regatta (USA)3
2000-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)4
2000-Sunfish-Monk Smith Regatta (USA)5
2000-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)5
2000-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)4
2000-Sunfish-Texas State championship (USA)3
1999-Sunfish-Superbowl regatta (USA)10
1999-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)1
1999-Sunfish-Monk Smith Regatta (USA)1
1999-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)3
1999-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)6
1998-Sunfish-Schools out regatta (USA)4
1998-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)2
1998-Sunfish-Galveston BC Regatta (USA)5
1998-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)3
1998-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)5
1997-Sunfish-Juby Wynne (USA)2
1997-Sunfish-Crawfish Regatta (USA)6
1997-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)4
1997-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)2
1997-Sunfish-Frostless Frostbite regatta (USA)2
1997-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)1
1997-Sunfish-Schools out regatta (USA)4
1997-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)3
1997-Sunfish-Wadewitz Regatta (USA)1
1997-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)5
1997-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)2
1997-Sunfish-Galveston BC Regatta (USA)4
1997-Sunfish-Gulf Coast Regional (USA)3
1996-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)34
1996-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)2
1996-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)6
1996-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)6
1996-Sunfish-Opening Regatta (USA)1
1996-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)2
1996-Sunfish-Meigs Regatta (USA)9
1996-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)2
1996-Sunfish-Seminole County Sailfest (USA)1
1996-Sunfish-Southwest Regional Championship- South (USA)8
1996-Sunfish-Schools out regatta (USA)3
1996-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)1
1995-Sunfish-Sailfest (USA)1
1995-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)3
1995-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)20
1991-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)39
1990-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)14
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