Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Ray Buchanan

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
NSCA sailnumber 62043
Sailing clubHunterdon SC
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Other Sunfish results
2008-Midwinter Championship (USA)35
2007-Midwinter Championship (USA)56
2006-Midwinter Championship (USA)62
2006-Mid Atlantic regional #2 (USA)22
2005-Midwinter Championship (USA)61
2005-Master championship (USA)62
2004-Master championship (USA)18
2003-Midwinter Championship (USA)60
2003-Mid-Atlantic Regatta (USA)5
2003-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)16
2002-Master championship (USA)37
2002-Midwinter Championship (USA)56
2001-Midwinter Championship (USA)54
2001-Mid Atlantic regional #2 (USA)16
2001-Pennsylvania championship (USA)6
2001-SANJL #1 (USA)18
2001-SANJL #2 (USA)15
2001-SANJL #3 (USA)20
2000-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)29
2000-New England regional #2 (USA)10
1999-Master championship (USA)5
1999-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)3
1999-Midwinter Championship (USA)79
1996-Midwinter Championship (USA)47
1995-Midwinter Championship (USA)49
1994-Midwinter Championship (USA)55
1993-Midwinter Championship (USA)57
1992-Master championship (USA)19
1991-Midwinter Championship (USA)43
1990-Master championship (USA)25
Results in other classes
2009-Force 5-North American championship (USA)18
1991-Force 5-Midwinter Championship (USA)3
1990-Force 5-Midwinter Championship (USA)2
1989-Force 5-Midwinter Championship (USA)2
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Open Worlds results
2000Sarasota, FL (USA)100

Detailed Worlds race results

Master Worlds results
2008Pensacola, FL, USA32
2007Port Charlotte, FL, USA49
2006Tampa, FL, USA50
2003Key Largo, FL, USA25
2002Jensen Beachi, FL, USA28
2001Port Charlotte, FL, USA28
1999Tampa, FL, USA37
1997Tampa, FL, USA21
1996Indian Harbour Beach, FL, USA28
1994Tampa, FL, USA11
1993Key West, FL, USA18
1991Miami, FL, USA15
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