Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Drew Staniar

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
HometownSudbury, MA
NSCA sailnumber 3868
Sailing clubOff Soundings
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Other Sunfish results
2019-Waquaquet Lake YC regatta (USA)21
2018-USSCA Masters (USA)6
2018-New England Regional I (USA)14
2017-Midwinters National Championship (USA)24
2017-New England Sunfish Regional (USA)13
2016-New England Regional #1 (USA)5
2016-Massapoag 67th Annual Regatta (USA)8
2015-New England Regional (USA)18
2015-US Sunfish Masters (USA)4
2015-Annual Massapoag Yacht Club Regatta (USA)15
2014-Massapoag Lake Regatta (USA)8
2014-New England Regional (USA)19
2013-Midwinter Championship (USA)10
2013-Sunfish Regional (USA)12
2013-New England regional #2 (USA)17
2013-MYC 6th annual regatta (USA)9
2013-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)4
2012-Massapoag Open (USA)13
2012-Annual Sunfish Regatta (USA)8
2011-Newport Regatta (USA)4
2010-MYC Regatta (USA)3
2010-Chowder Cup (USA)7
2010-Just Desserts (USA)16
2009-Chowder Cup (USA)7
2009-Just Desserts (USA)4
2009-Northeast challenge (USA)8
2009-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)8
2009-Midwinter Championship (USA)15
2009-MYC regatta (USA)3
2008-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)7
2008-New England regional #2 (USA)29
2008-New England regional #1 (USA)4
2008-Chowder Cup (USA)4
2008-Just Desserts (USA)6
2007-Chowder Cup (USA)6
2007-Just Desserts (USA)2
2007-Chatham Yacht Club Regatta (USA)2
2007-Midwinter Championship (USA)11
2007-MYC Annual Regatta (USA)6
2006-New York upstate regional (USA)5
2005-Chatham Yacht Club Regatta (USA)1
2004-HYC Regatta (USA)7
2004-Midwinter Championship (USA)20
2004-Master championship (USA)2
2003-New England regional #2 (USA)17
2003-Chowder Cup (USA)2
2002-HYC Regatta (USA)1
2002-Midwinter Championship (USA)22
2001-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)3
2001-Falmouth Invitational regatta (USA)1
2001-Northeast challenge (USA)7
2001-Newport Regatta (USA)6
2001-Annual regatta (USA)1
2000-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)2
2000-Northeast regional masters (USA)3
1999-New England regional #2 (USA)7
1999-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)3
1999-North American championship (USA)49
1998-Sunfish Regional (USA)10
1998-New England Regional (USA)3
1998-Northeast challenge (USA)4
1998-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)5
1998-Chowder Cup (USA)1
1997-Chowder Cup (USA)3
1997-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)8
1996-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)4
1993-Senior Olympics Sunfish regatta (USA)9
Results in other classes
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Open Worlds results
2004Hyannis, MA (USA)30

Detailed Worlds race results

Master Worlds results
2017Port Charlotte, FL, USA22
2013Tampa, FL, USA15
2009Tampa, FL, USA20
2007Port Charlotte, FL, USA6
2004Melbourne, FL, USA10
2002Jensen Beachi, FL, USA3
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