Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Connie Miller

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
NSCA sailnumber 58914
Sailing clubLewes YC
Sunfish ranking list179
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Internet link[s]  Connection to sea is Connie Miller's passion
Other Sunfish results
2019-USSCA National Championships at Midwinters (USA)43
2019-US Masters (USA)28
2018-NA Championship (USA)49
2018-Women NA Championship (USA)15
2018-Mid Atlantic Championship (USA)13
2018-Mid Atlantic Regional 2 (USA)6
2017-Women NA Championship (USA)16
2017-North American Championship (USA)62
2016-North American championship (USA)41
2016-Women NA Championship (USA)12
2015-Mid-Atlantic Regional regatta (USA)10
2015-Women NA Championship (USA)12
2014-North American Championship (USA)56
2014-Mid Atlantic Regional (USA)7
2013-North American championship (USA)56
2012-North American championship (USA)75
2011-North American championship (USA)75
2010-North American championship (USA)58
2010-Midwinter Championship (USA)69
2010-Women NA championship (USA)13
2009-North American championship (ITA)52
2009-Women NA Championship (USA)8
2009-Master championship (USA)22
2009-Mid Atlantic regional #3 (USA)6
2009-Mid Atlantic regional #1 (USA)16
2008-Mid-Atlantic regional #2 (USA)8
2008-Sam Myers Memorial Regatta (USA)8
2008-Mid-Atlantic regional #1 (USA)10
2008-Mid-Atlantic regional #3 (USA)6
2008-Women NA Championship (USA)9
2008-North American championship (USA)37
2007-Women NA Championship (USA)16
2007-North American championship (USA)28
2006-North American championship (USA)53
2006-Women NA Championship (USA)11
2006-Mid Atlantic regional #2 (USA)16
2005-North American championship (USA)49
2004-Master championship (USA)21
2003-Mid-Atlantic Regatta (USA)9
2003-North American championship (USA)60
2003-Midwinter Championship (USA)63
2003-Women NA Championship (ITA)4
2002-Women NA Championship (USA)7
2002-Longest Sunfish Race (USA)13
2001-Master championship (USA)17
2001-North American championship (USA)50
2000-Master championship (USA)13
2000-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)32
2000-Women NA championship (USA)8
1999-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)13
1999-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)10
1999-Master championship (USA)6
1999-Women NA Championship (USA)9
1999-Midwinter Championship (USA)51
1999-North American championship (USA)54
1998-Women NA Championship (USA)11
1998-Midwinter Championship (USA)72
1998-Master championship (USA)8
1997-Master championship (USA)13
1997-Midwinter Championship (USA)41
1996-Women NA Championship (USA)16
1996-Master championship (USA)6
1996-North American championship (USA)53
1995-Midwinter Championship (USA)96
1993-Women NA Championship (USA)14
1993-North American championship (USA)49
1992-North American championship (USA)53
1992-Women NA Championship (USA)12
1992-Master championship (USA)12
1991-North American championship (USA)51
1988-Founders Cup (USA)11
Results in other classes
2006-Mobjack-Nationals (USA)2
2004-Mobjack-Nationals (USA)8
2003-Mobjack-Nationals (- )5
2001-Mobjack-Nationals (USA)8
2000-Mobjack-Nationals (USA)10
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Open Worlds results
2016Cartagena, Colombia59
2013Lewes, DE (USA)64
2001Colonna (Antiqua)58
1999Puerto Rico78
1998Sayville, NY (USA)80
1996Dominican Republic82

Detailed Worlds race results

Master Worlds results
2017Port Charlotte, FL, USA39
2004Melbourne, FL, USA41
2003Key Largo, FL, USA45
2001Port Charlotte, FL, USA27
2000Sarasota, FL, USA23
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