Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Peter Wuescher

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
HometownMetairie LA
NSCA sailnumber 87460
Sailing clubSouthern Yacht Club
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Worlds results
2012St. Petersburg, FL (USA)39
2003St. Maarten30
2001Colonna (Antiqua)53
Master Worlds results
2011Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA16
2009Tampa, FL, USA28
2008Pensacola, FL, USA7
Youth Worlds results
Other Sunfish results
2012-Sunfish-Master championship (USA)9
2011-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)9
2011-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)24
2010-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)7
2010-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)30
2010-Sunfish-PanAm Games trials (USA)11
2009-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)7
2008-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)12
2008-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)3
2008-Sunfish-Master championship (USA)8
2008-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)8
2008-Sunfish-PYC Regatta (USA)7
2007-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)9
2007-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional #2 (USA)5
2007-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)13
2006-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)19
2006-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)7
2005-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)5
2005-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)40
2004-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)19
2004-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)5
2004-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)7
2004-Sunfish-Rondinella - Gulf Coast reginal #2 (USA)7
2003-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)11
2003-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)16
2003-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)8
2003-Sunfish-Dogwood Regatta (USA)8
2003-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)33
2002-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)9
2002-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)5
2002-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)11
2002-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)10
2002-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)11
2002-Sunfish-Super Bowl (USA)14
2002-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)5
2001-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)15
2001-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)14
2001-Sunfish-Rondinella Trophy (USA)15
2000-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)18
2000-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)6
2000-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)6
2000-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)7
2000-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)23
2000-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)23
2000-Sunfish-Master championship (USA)8
1999-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)17
1999-Sunfish-Superbowl regatta (USA)9
1999-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)9
1999-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)8
1999-Sunfish-Monk Smith Regatta (USA)5
1999-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)5
1998-Sunfish-Schools out regatta (USA)3
1998-Sunfish-Spring Regatta (USA)7
1998-Sunfish-Mardi Gras regatta (USA)5
1998-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)2
1998-Sunfish-Galveston BC Regatta (USA)14
1998-Sunfish-Wadewitz Regatta (USA)3
1998-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)6
1998-Sunfish-Gulf Coast regional (USA)8
1998-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)16
1997-Sunfish-Sugar Bowl Regatta (USA)12
1997-Sunfish-Galloway Regatta (USA)10
1997-Sunfish-Rondinella (USA)9
1997-Sunfish-Back to school regatta (USA)2
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