Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Bill Brangiforte

Sailor image
CountryUnited States
HometownWeymouth, MA
NSCA sailnumber61299
Sailing clubBarrington Frostbite YC
Sunfish ranking list67
Nick name
Boat nameGisele
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Worlds results
2014Arapahoe, NC (USA)23
2013Lewes, DE (USA)23
2012St. Petersburg, FL (USA)8
2008Ridgeway (Canada)21
2007Brant Beach,FL (USA)35
2006Charleston, SC (USA)20
2004Hyannis, MA (USA)11
2003St. Maarten7
2000Sarasota, FL (USA)83
1999Puerto Rico14
1998Sayville, NY (USA)35
1996Dominican Republic20
1993British Virgin Islands29
Master Worlds results
2012Sanford, FL, USA1
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  WOW Worlds 2012
  How to sail in current
Other results
2018-Sunfish-New England Regional I (USA)1
2018-Sunfish-New England Regional II (USA)5
2017-Sunfish-North American Championship (USA)21
2017-Sunfish-Annual Regatta (USA)1
2017-Sunfish-New England Sunfish Regional (USA)2
2016-Sunfish-New England Regional #1 (USA)2
2016-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)11
2016-Sunfish-New England Regional #2 (USA)3
2016-Sunfish-Massapoag Yacht Club 9th Annual Small Boat Regatta (USA)5
2016-Sunfish-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)1
2015-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)13
2015-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)1
2015-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)4
2015-Sunfish-US Sunfish Masters (USA)2
2015-Sunfish-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)3
2014-Sunfish-Bolton Lake regatta (USA)1
2014-Sunfish-Massapoag regatta (USA)9
2014-Sunfish-Chowder cup (USA)1
2014-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)1
2014-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)5
2014-Sunfish-Annual regatta (USA)1
2014-Sunfish-Massapoag Lake Regatta (USA)2
2014-Sunfish-Spring 2014 Frostbite (USA)1
2014-Sunfish-Spring 2014 Frostbite 2 (USA)4
2014-Sunfish-Newport Regatta (USA)5
2014-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)5
2013-Sunfish-Frostbite Fall Season (USA)2
2013-Sunfish-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)2
2013-Sunfish-Newport Regatta (USA)1
2013-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)38
2013-Sunfish-Sunfish Regional (USA)3
2013-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)1
2013-Sunfish-MYC 6th annual regatta (USA)1
2013-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)2
2013-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)4
2012-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)51
2012-Sunfish-Massapoag Open (USA)2
2012-Sunfish-Sunfish Regional (USA)3
2012-Sunfish-Super Sunfish Sunday (USA)2
2012-Sunfish-Annual Sunfish Regatta (USA)2
2012-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)1
2011-Flying Scot-Championship of Champions (USA)12
2011-Laser-New England Masters (USA)6
2011-Sunfish-Massapoag Open (USA)2
2011-Sunfish-Newport Regatta (USA)1
2011-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)2
2011-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)3
2010-Ideal 18-Championship of Champions (USA)20
2010-Sunfish-Master championship (USA)1
2010-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)1
2010-Sunfish-MYC Regatta (USA)1
2010-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)2
2010-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)1
2009-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)3
2009-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)1
2009-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)3
2009-Sunfish-Northeast challenge (USA)3
2009-Sunfish-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)1
2008-Sunfish-Bolton Lake Regatta (USA)2
2008-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)3
2008-Sunfish-Singlehanded Championship (USA)13
2008-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)2
2008-Sunfish-New England regional #1 (USA)8
2008-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)5
2008-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)1
2007-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)3
2007-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)3
2007-Sunfish-MYC Annual Regatta (USA)3
2007-Sunfish-New England regional #1 (USA)1
2007-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)2
2006-Sunfish-New York upstate regional (USA)2
2005-Laser-Apprentice Master Nationals (USA)3
2005-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)8
2004-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)11
2004-Sunfish-HYC Regatta (USA)3
2003-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)5
2003-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)8
2002-Sunfish-Lipton Cup (USA)1
2002-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)3
2002-Sunfish-NA Championship (USA)9
2002-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)2
2002-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)2
2001-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)28
2001-Sunfish-New England regional #1 (USA)1
2001-Sunfish-New York regional #1 (USA)9
2001-Sunfish-Northeast regional #1 (USA)3
2001-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)3
2000-Sunfish-New York regional (USA)4
2000-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)2
2000-Sunfish-New England regional #3 (USA)3
2000-Sunfish-Midwinter Championship (USA)14
2000-Sunfish-Northeast Challenge (USA)1
2000-Sunfish-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)1
1999-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)15
1999-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)6
1999-Sunfish-Northeast challenge (USA)1
1999-Sunfish-New England regional #2 (USA)2
1998-Sunfish-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)4
1998-Sunfish-Sunfish Regional (USA)6
1998-Sunfish-Hunters Moon Regatta (USA)1
1998-Sunfish-Northeast challenge (USA)1
1998-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)4
1998-Sunfish-Just Desserts (USA)2
1997-Sunfish-Chowder Cup (USA)1
1997-Sunfish-New England Regional (USA)3
1997-Sunfish-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)3
1996-Sunfish-Wequaquet Lake Annual Regatta (USA)2
1996-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)25
1995-Sunfish-North American championschip (USA)14
1992-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)20
1988-Sunfish-North American championship (USA)35
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