Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Lee Montes

Sailor image
CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
NSCA sailnumber 3084
Sailing clubWet Pants SA
Sunfish ranking list17 
Nick name
Boat nameKind of Blue
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Other Sunfish results
2019-USSCA National Championships at Midwinters (USA)28
2019-North American Championship (USA)14
2018-Around Shelter Island (USA)3
2018-USSCA Nationals at Midwinters (USA)25
2018-NA Championship (USA)36
2018-New York Downstate Regional (USA)2
2017-Annual Regatta (USA)8
2017-Around Shelter Island (USA)3
2017-North American Championship (USA)8
2017-New England Sunfish Regional (USA)9
2016-Ma Huus Trophy (USA)1
2016-North American championship (USA)34
2015-North American championship (USA)32
2015-New England Regional (USA)15
2014-Babylon Sunfish Regatta (USA)3
2014-NYS Downstate Championship (USA)11
2014-Harker Island Regatta (USA)3
2014-North American Championship (USA)38
2014-Around Shelter Island Race (USA)4
2014-4th of July Regatta (USA)3
2013-New York downstate regional (USA)5
2013-WYS Fall series (USA)10
2013-North American championship (USA)27
2012-North American championship (USA)37
2012-June Sunfish Series (USA)2
2011-Ma Huus championship (USA)5
2011-4th of July Regatta (USA)3
2011-NY Downstate regional (USA)9
2011-New England Regional (USA)12
2011-North American championship (USA)37
2010-Ma Huus Single handed (USA)3
2010-North American championship (USA)34
2010-4th of July Regatta (USA)5
2010-SANJL #1 (USA)8
2010-SANJL #2 (USA)11
2009-North American championship (ITA)30
2009-Moriches YC Regatta (- )8
2009-SANJL #4 (USA)21
2009-Longest Sunfish Race (USA)3
2009-Mid Atlantic regional #1 (USA)3
2009-SANJL #2 (USA)6
2009-Mid Atlantic regional #2 (USA)10
2009-New York downstate regional (USA)8
2008-New England regional #1 (USA)13
2008-New York downstate Regional (USA)9
2008-Midwinter Championship (USA)24
2008-North American championship (USA)14
2008-SANJL #1 (USA)6
2008-SANJL #4 (USA)26
2008-Sunfish Derby (USA)2
2007-SANJL #1 (USA)12
2007-SANJL #4 (USA)10
2007-4th of July Regatta (USA)1
2007-New England regional #1 (USA)15
2007-New England regional #2 (USA)18
2007-New York downstate regional (USA)11
2006-PanAm Games trials (USA)10
2006-New York downstate regional (USA)8
2005-Midwinter Championship (USA)56
2005-North American championship (USA)30
2005-SANJL #3 (USA)9
2004-North American championship (USA)39
2003-New England Regional (USA)16
2002-New England Regional (USA)14
2001-New York regional #1 (USA)30
2001-Long Island championship (USA)10
2001-Mid Atlantic regional #2 (USA)8
2001-SANJL #2 (USA)18
2000-Longest Sunfish Race (USA)9
2000-New York regional (USA)32
1999-Mid Atlantic regional (USA)16
Results in other classes
2011-JY15-North American championship (USA)7
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Open Worlds results
2018Carolina YC24
2017Brant Beach YC35
2016Cartagena, Colombia56
2015Paracas, Peru27
2014Arapahoe, NC (USA)49
2013Lewes, DE (USA)29
2012St. Petersburg, FL (USA)22
2008Ridgeway (Canada)36
2007Brant Beach,FL (USA)32
2006Charleston, SC (USA)51
2004Hyannis, MA (USA)78

Detailed Worlds race results

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