Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Bob Findlay

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CountryUnited States (USA  )
World Sailing MNA code USA
NSCA sailnumber 808
Sailing clubWilmette Sailing
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Other Sunfish results
2019-US Masters (USA)10
2019-Michigan Open/ Midwest regional (USA)4
2018-NA Championship (USA)28
2016-Master championship (USA)5
2015-Midwest Regional #1 (USA)2
2014-Midwinter championship (USA)16
2014-Master championship (USA)1
2014-North American Championship (USA)34
2014-Bruce Goldsmith Memorial Regatta (USA)3
2012-North American championship (USA)12
2009-Bruce Goldsmith memorial regatta (USA)6
2009-Great Pumpkin Regatta (USA)1
2009-Douglas Lake regatta (USA)5
2006-North American championship (USA)17
2005-North American championship (USA)3
2005-Midwest Regional Championship (USA)2
2004-North American championship (USA)14
2001-North American championship (USA)47
1997-North American championship (USA)10
1996-Midwinter Championship (USA)12
1995-Midwinter Championship (USA)23
1995-North American championschip (USA)16
1994-Midwinter Championship (USA)8
1993-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
1993-North American championship (USA)3
1992-North American championship (USA)10
1992-Midwinter Championship (USA)2
1992-US Single-Handed Sailing Championship (USA)6
1991-Midwinter Championship (USA)13
1991-North American championship (USA)2
1990-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
1988-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
1988-North American championship (USA)1
1987-North American championship (USA)3
1987-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
1985-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
1984-Midwinter Championship (USA)1
Results in other classes
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Open Worlds results
2014Arapahoe, NC (USA)39
2012St. Petersburg, FL (USA)52
2006Charleston, SC (USA)22
1992Houston, TX (USA)2
1989Orlando, FL (USA)10
1986Barrington (USA)11
1984Ontario (Canada)25
1978Puerto Rico36

Detailed Worlds race results

Master Worlds results
2014Pensacola, FL, USA9
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