50th Sunfish World Championship

Anne Edwards-Swan

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CountryUnited States
Sail number77518
Sailing clubBay Waveland YC
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Worlds results

2013Open-Lewes, DE (USA) - Lewes YC66
2006Open-Charleston, SC (USA) - Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina40
2004Open-Hyannis, MA (USA) - Hyannis YC72
2003Open-St. Maarten - Sint Maarten Yacht Club64
2001Open-Colonna (Antiqua) - Sunsail Colonna Club55
2000Open-Sarasota, FL (USA) - Sarasota Sailing Squadron55

Worlds Results

Detailed Worlds race results

Master Worlds results

2014Pensacola, FL (USA) - Pensacola YC8
2011Fort Walton Beach, FL (USA) - Fort Walton YC10
2009Tampa, FL (USA) - Davis Island YC3
2006Tampa, FL (USA) - Davis Island YC8

Other results

SunfishWomen NA Championship-Lake Travis (USA)2
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Fairhope YC (USA)2
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters-Pass Christian YC (USA)4
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Bay Waveland YC (USA)2
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-US Sailing Center Martin County (USA)10
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)4
SunfishSchools out regatta-Bay Waveland YC (USA)3
SunfishSuperbowl regatta-Bay Waveland YC (USA)3
SunfishNorth American Championship-Bay Waveland YC (USA)32
SunfishBack to school regatta-Pontchartrain YC (USA)3
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Bay Waveland YC (USA)3
SunfishGulf Coast Regional #1-Fort Walton YC (USA)4
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Windycrest SC (USA)2
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters-Bay Waveland YC (USA)7
SunfishNorth American championship-Waukegan YC (USA)23
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Sayville YC (USA)1
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters-Lake Bluff YC (USA)7
Flying ScotChampionship of Champions-Corinthian YC (USA)12
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Fort Walton YC (USA)33
SunfishWomen NA championship-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)1
-MCYA Budweiser Sailor of the Year- (USA)1
Laser RadialSinglehanded Championship- (USA)9
SunfishPanAm Games trials-Bay Waveland YC (USA)9
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)43
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Bay Waveland YC (USA)1
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Pensacola YC (USA)2
SunfishHoliday in Dixie-Shreveport YC (USA)6
SunfishHoliday in Dixie-Shreveport YC (USA)2
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Lewes YC (USA)4
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Cypremort Point YC (USA)4
SunfishMermaid Regatta-Melbourne YC (USA)5
SunfishChampionship of Champions- (USA)10
SunfishNorth American championship-Erie YC (USA)11
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-St. Andrews Bay YC (USA)14
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Wawasee YC (USA)1
SunfishHoliday in Dixie-Shreveport YC (USA)1
SunfishLatex Sunfish Challenge-Shreveport Y.C (USA)1
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)4
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Fairhope YC (USA)4
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Edison SC (USA)10
SunfishGulf Coast Regional #2-Bay Waveland YC (USA)11
Sunfish North American championship-Fairhope YC (USA)16
SunfishMardi Gras regatta-New Orleans YC (USA)2
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Pontchartrain YC (USA)5
SunfishSoutheast Regionals-James Island YC (USA)6
SunfishNorth American championship-Rush Creek YC (USA)10
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)14
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Melbourne YC (USA)26
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Houston YC & Bay Waveland YC (USA)2
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)17
SunfishNorth American championship-Lewes YC (USA)19
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Ninnescah SA (USA)1
SunfishSuper Bowl-Bay Waveland YC (USA)8
SunfishGulf Coast Regional- (USA)8
SunfishRondinella-Bay Waveland YC (USA)9
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Pensacola YC (USA)35
SunfishWomen NA Championship-James Island YC (ITA)2
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)6
SunfishSouthwest Regional- (USA)7
SunfishSpring Regatta-Buccanneer YC (USA)9
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Pensacola YC (USA)12
SunfishDogwood Regatta-Fairhope YC (USA)13
SunfishUS Pan AM Trials-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)21
SunfishPanAm trials- (USA)21
SunfishNorth American championship-Bay Waveland YC (USA)26
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Boca Ciega YC (USA)39
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Clearwater YC (USA)2
SunfishMonk Smith Regatta-Bay Waveland YC (USA)3
SunfishRondinella-Bay Waveland YC (USA)5
SunfishSpring Regatta-Buccanneer YC (USA)6
SunfishSuper Bowl-Bay Waveland YC (USA)7
SunfishNorth American Championship-Barrington YC (USA)11
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Fairhope YC (USA)12
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Davis Island YC (USA)21
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Davis Island YC (USA)48
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Moriches YC (USA)4
SunfishBack to school regatta-Ponchartrain YC (USA)4
SunfishSpring Regatta-Buccanneer YC (USA)5
SunfishGalveston BC Regatta-Galveston BC (USA)6
SunfishSuperbowl regatta-Bay Waveland YC (USA)7
SunfishSouthwest Regional-Houston YC (USA)11
SunfishRondinella-Bay Waveland YC (USA)17
SunfishNorth American championship-Highland Lakes YC (USA)22
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Clearwater YC (USA)31
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter-Fort Walton Beach (USA)39
SunfishRondinella-Bay Waveland YC (USA)10
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)12
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Bay Waveland YC (USA)17
SunfishSchools out regatta-Pontchartrain YC (USA)8
SunfishGalveston BC Regatta-Galveston BC (USA)22
SunfishJuby Wynne- (USA)6
SunfishFrostless Frostbite regatta-Pass Christian YC (USA)7
SunfishSchools out regatta- (USA)8
SunfishCrawfish Regatta- (USA)9
SunfishWadewitz Regatta- (USA)14
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)21
SunfishGulf Coast Regional- (USA)23
SunfishNorth American championship-Gulfport YC (USA)41
SunfishOpening Regatta-Fairhope YC (USA)9
SunfishSchools out regatta-Mandeville (USA)13
SunfishBack to school regatta-Ponchartrain YC (USA)18
SunfishGalloway Regatta-Gulfport YC (USA)18
SunfishGulf Coast Regional-Mobile (USA)30

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Sailed with

Edwards, Todd  (USA) 91
Saurage, Hank  (USA) 54
Edwards, Clinton  (USA) 51
Whitehurst, Thomas  (USA) 48
Stieffel, Bishop  (USA) 41
Wuescher, Peter  (USA) 38
Beatty, Ash  (USA) 29
Heausler, Gail  (USA) 29
Parks, Lee  (USA) 28
Katterheinrich, Tom  (USA) 27
McCary, David  (USA) 23
Bergman, Don  (USA) 23
McHenry, Ronald  (USA) 23
Miller, Connie  (USA) 22
Friend, Chris  (USA) 21
Smith, Malcolm  (BMU) 20
Bergman, Jean  (USA) 20
Tillman, Richard  (USA) 20
Gates, Chris  (USA) 20
Martinborough, Donald  (BHS) 19
Manning, Patricia  (USA) 19
Chapman, Rich  (USA) 19
Evans, Brent  (USA) 17
Gust, Greg  (USA) 16
Blouin, Joe  (USA) 16
Tillman, Linda  (USA) 16
Steele, Rita  (USA) 16
Strauley, Mindy  (USA) 16
Whitehurst, Lauren  (USA) 16
Koehler, Jim  (USA) 15
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