50th Sunfish World Championship

Jackie Sims

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CountryUnited States
Sail number
Sailing clubn/a
Nick name

Other results

SunfishWomen NA Championship Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)1
SunfishRiver Romp Edison SC (USA)3

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Sailed with

Sims, Charlotte  (USA) 2
Steele, Donna  (USA) 1
Olson, Ursula  (USA) 1
Sevier, Bonnie  (USA) 1
Palmer, Vickie  (USA) 1
Clifton, Cindy  (USA) 1
Taylor, Cindy  (USA) 1
Garcia, Adriana  (COL) 1
Koehler, Katherine  (USA) 1
Murphy-Heausler, Gail  (USA) 1
Strauley, Mindy  (USA) 1
Miller, Connie  (USA) 1
Erickson, Eric  (USA) 1
Edwards-Swan, Anne  (USA) 1
Bergman, Jean  (USA) 1
Steele, Rita  (USA) 1
Parks, Lee  (USA) 1
Blouin, Joe  (USA) 1
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)