Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Clemente Seguel

Sailor image
CountryChile (CHL  )
World Sailing MNA code CHI
NSCA sailnumber CHI 1
Sailing clubAsociacion National de Vela
Sunfish ranking list32
Nick nameClemo
Boat name
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Other Sunfish results
2016-North American championship (USA)8
Results in other classes
2019-Laser-Nationals (CHL)1
2019-Laser-Nationals (ARG)3
2019-Laser-World Sailing Cup (USA)52
2018-Laser-North American Championship (USA)9
2018-Laser-World championship (DNK)108
2017-Laser-Campeonato Centro Sudamericano y del Caribe (ARG)23
2017-Laser-U21 World Championships (BEL)21
2017-Laser Radial-Campeonato Centro Sudamericano y del Caribe (ARG)7
2017-Laser Radial-Youth World Championships (CHN)13
2016-Laser-U21 World Championships (DEU)45
2016-Laser Radial-AON Youth Sailing Worlds - Boys (NZL)10
2015-Laser Radial-ISAF Youth Sailing Worlds (MYS)18
2014-Byte-Youth Olympics - Boys (CHN)12
2014-Laser-Regata Interclubes 2014 (CHL)1
2014-Laser 4.7-Campeonato Centro Sudamericano y del Caribe (PER)6
2014-Laser Radial-Nacional Laser Radial sub16 (CHL)1
2014-Laser Radial-Campenato National (CHL)4
2014-Laser Radial-Semana Buenos Aires (BRA)17
2014-Laser Radial-ISAF Youth Worlds (PRT)43
2014-Laser Radial-Campeonato Centro Sudamericano y del Caribe (PER)21
2013-Laser Radial-Campeanato Sud Americano (CHL)38
2013-Laser Radial-Semana de Buenos Aires (ARG)15
2013-Laser Radial-Campeonato Argentino (ARG)16
2013-Optimist-South American Championship (BRA)106
2012-Optimist-South American championship (ARG)107
2012-Optimist-OptiNAm (- )89
2012-Optimist-Campeonato Nacional (CHL)13
2011-J24-PanAm Games (MEX)4
2011-Optimist-OptiSud (CHI)101
2010-Optimist-OptiSur (URY)124
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Youth Worlds results
2017Brant Beach YC3
2016Cartagena, Colombia3
2015Paracas, Peru2

Detailed Youth Worlds race results:

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