50th Sunfish World Championship

Kenneth Midyette

Sailor image
CountryUnited States
Sail number3730
Sailing clubn/a
Nick nameTurtle

Worlds results

2014Arapahoe, NC (USA) - Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer61

Worlds Results

Detailed Worlds race results

Other results

SunfishCroakerfest Regatta Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)2
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)5
SunfishAround Harkers Island My Own Bloody YC (USA)16
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)6
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)2
SunfishAround Harkers Island My Own Bloody YC (USA)7
SunfishIsland Wind  (USA)7
SunfishNeuse River  (USA)5
SunfishAround Harkers Island My Own Bloody YC (USA)9
SunfishAround Harkers Island My Own Bloody YC (USA)9

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Sailed with

Mass, Larry  (USA) 9
Dean, Alex  (USA) 9
Dean, Sonya  (USA) 9
Wheeler, Kara  (USA) 8
Sechrist, George  (USA) 6
Bond, Jack  (USA) 5
Midyette, George  (USA) 5
Zeppenfeld, Reiner  (USA) 4
Eberle, Rob  (USA) 3
Evans, Richard  (USA) 3
Deale, Jamie  (USA) 3
Bates, Andrew  (USA) 2
Welles, Paul  (USA) 2
Blair V, Mott Parks  (USA) 2
Morton, Jackson  (USA) 2
Findlay, Bob  (USA) 1
Martinez, Juan Carlos  (COL) 1
Payne, Damien  (BMU) 1
Wilson, David  (USA) 1
Katterheinrich, Tom  (USA) 1
Suter, Larry  (USA) 1
Patterson, Robbert  (USA) 1
Martinetti, Jonathan  (ECU) 1
Blouin, Conner  (USA) 1
Martis, Ramon  (BES) 1
McCary, David  (USA) 1
Norton, Dan  (USA) 1
Chapman, Rich  (USA) 1
Stapert, Sipke  (BES) 1
Einthoven, Nicky  (USA) 1
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)