Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Joe van Rossem

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CountryCanada (CAN  )
World Sailing MNA code CAN
NSCA sailnumber
Sailing clubWater Rats Sailing Club
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Other Sunfish results
2015-Midwinters (USA)34
Results in other classes
2014-Laser-Florida Laser Masters Championship (USA)20
2014-Laser-Canadian Laser Masters (CAN)4
2013-Laser-Fogh Gold Cup Series (CAN)2
2013-Laser-Mid-Ontario Championship Regatta 2013 (CAN)1
2013-Laser-Florida Laser Masters Championship (USA)20
2013-Laser-Laser Atlantic Coast Masters Championships (USA)1
2012-Laser-Master championship (USA)10
2011-Laser-Laser Masters Worlds radial GGM (USA)8
2011-Laser-New England Masters (USA)4
2011-Laser Radial-Grand Master Worlds (USA)8
2010-Laser-Florida Masters (USA)15
2010-Laser-Canadian Masters Championship (GGM) (CAN)25
2010-Laser-Laser Radial-Great G Masters World championships (USA)11
2009-Laser-North American Championship (CAN)56
2009-Laser-Master Nidwinters (USA)16
2009-Laser-Mid-Ontario Regatta (USA)17
2009-Laser Radial-North American Championship (CAN)56
2008-Laser-Masters Midwinter's East (USA)15
2008-Laser-Canadian Masters Championship (GGM) (CAN)21
2008-Laser-Master championship (USA)30
2007-Laser-Laser Master Midwinters (USA)17
2007-Laser-Florida Masters (GGM) (USA)2
2007-Laser-Masters Midwinters East (USA)17
2007-Laser-North American Championship (silver fleet) (USA)4
2007-Laser-New England Masters (USA)39
2006-Laser-Canadian Masters Championship (GGM) (CAN)13
2002-Laser Radial-World Championships (silver) (- )11
2000-Laser-Master Worlds (GM) (MEX)3
1998-Laser-Florida Masters (USA)4
1997-Laser-Master Worlds (GM) (CHL)4
1995-Laser-Master Worlds (GM) (ESP)4
1990-Laser-Master Worlds (M) (USA)3
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Open Worlds results
2014Arapahoe, NC (USA)51

Detailed Worlds race results

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