Sunfish Worlds

Sonya Dean

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CountryUnited States
Sail number4060
Sailing clubMorehead City
Nick name

Worlds results

2018Open-Carolina YC - Carolina YC61
2017Master-Port Charlotte, FL, USA - Charlotte Harbor YC9
2016Master-Miami, FL, USA - US Sailing Center20
2016Open-Cartagena, Colombia - Club Naval54
2015Open-Paracas, Peru - Yacht Club Peruano49
2014Open-Arapahoe, NC (USA) - Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer55
2013Open-Lewes, DE (USA) - Lewes YC55
2012Open-St. Petersburg, FL (USA) - St Petersburg YC59

Other results

SunfishSoutheast Sunfish Regional Championship-Lake Norman YC (USA)5
SunfishWomen NA Championship- (USA)8
SunfishUS Masters- (USA)25
SunfishNorth American Championship-James Island YC (USA)35
SunfishUSSCA National Championships at Midwinters-Davis Island YC (USA)42
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta- (USA)2
SunfishSouth East Regional 2-Columbia SC (USA)2
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Lake Travis (USA)6
SunfishNA Championship-Lake Bluff YC (USA)41
SunfishAnnual Midlands Regatta-Columbia SC (USA)11
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Fairhope YC (USA)11
SunfishMidwinters National Championship-Charlotte Harbor Community SC (USA)19
SunfishNorth American Championship-Sayville Yacht Club (USA)52
SunfishSoutheast Regional-Osprey YC (USA)1
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Menantic Yacht Club (USA)17
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinters-US Sailing Center Martin County (USA)17
SunfishNorth American championship-Lewes YC (USA)39
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta- (USA)8
SunfishHarker Island Regatta- (USA)2
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta- (USA)3
SunfishWomen NA Championship-Lake Bluff Yacht Club (USA)5
SunfishSAYRA Open-Carolina Yacht Club (USA)6
SunfishSE Regional- (USA)6
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional-Lewes (DE) (USA)9
SunfishMaster championship-Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)16
SunfishMidwinter championship-Pensacola YC (USA)36
SunfishHarkers Island regatta- (USA)1
SunfishAround Oak Island race-Southport SBC (USA)2
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta-Oriental Dinghy Club (USA)4
SunfishMidlands Regatta and Southeast Regional-Colombia SC (USA)7
SunfishMidlands Regatta and Oyster Roast-Columbia SC (USA)7
SunfishMidwinter Championship-Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)25
SunfishAround Harkers Island- (USA)7
SunfishHarkers Island regatta- (USA)1
SunfishSE Regional Regatta- (USA)12
SunfishHarkers Island regatta- (USA)11
SunfishCroakerfest Regatta- (USA)2
SunfishAround Harkers Island-MOB YC (USA)12
SunfishGreens Creek Challenge- (USA)2

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Sailed with

Dean, Alex  (USA) 33
Mass, Larry  (USA) 20
Jaywork, Nancy  (USA) 19
Katterheinrich, Tom  (USA) 18
McHenry, Ronald  (USA) 15
Sechrist, George  (USA) 15
Heausler, Gail  (USA) 14
Parks, Lee  (USA) 13
Miller, Connie  (USA) 13
McGinnis, Brian  (USA) 12
Montes, Lee  (USA) 12
Koehler, Marguerite  (USA) 12
Eberle, Rob  (USA) 11
Meyer, John  (USA) 11
Randall, Lynne  (USA) 11
Schmitt, Eugene  (USA) 11
Koehler, Jim  (USA) 10
Patin, Paul-Jon  (USA) 10
Chapman, Rich  (USA) 10
Turluck, Gail  (USA) 10
Gates, Chris  (USA) 10
Collantes de Riglos, Alonso  (PER) 9
Welles, Paul  (USA) 9
Saurage, Hank  (USA) 8
Mendelblatt, David  (USA) 8
Norton, Dan  (USA) 8
Bergman, Don  (USA) 8
Suter, Larry  (USA) 8
Hanselman, Holly  (USA) 8
Trazegnies, Jean Paul de  (PER) 8
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