50th Sunfish World Championship

Sulsi Rosenberg

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CountryVirgin Islands US
Sail number
Sailing clubn/a
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Worlds results

1978Puerto Rico - Club Bautico de Ponce50

Worlds Results

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Sailed with

Brown,Chris  (VIR) 1
Beadle,Tom  (USA) 1
Barreda,Jorge  (PER) 1
Marsolle, Raymond  (GLP) 1
Barclay, Peter  (PER) 1
Weststrate, Emil  (ABW) 1
Dunn, Dave  (USA) 1
Stewart, James  (BMU) 1
Dunkley, John  (USA) 1
Fisher, Paul  (BMU) 1
Lee, Howard  (BMU) 1
Ramos, Robert  (PRI) 1
Frith, David  (BMU) 1
Odegard, Paul  (USA) 1
Findlay, Bob  (USA) 1
Lecaro, Carlos Luis  (ECU) 1
Gay, Todd  (USA) 1
May, Mark  (USA) 1
Scharfe, Alan  (USA) 1
Wal, Richard van der  (ABW) 1
Bergman, Don  (USA) 1
Lowe, James  (BHS) 1
Chapin, Dave  (USA) 1
Fries, Derrick  (USA) 1
Siegenthaler, Pierre  (BHS) 1
Moore, Ted  (USA) 1
Omme, Gijs Willem van  (NLD) 1
Gulik, Wim van der  (CUW) 1
Wilhoyte, Andrew  (BHS) 1
Martinborough, Donald  (BHS) 1
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)