50th Sunfish World Championship

Allyn Miner

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CountryUnited States
Sail number79302
Sailing clubCooper River YC
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Worlds results

2007Brant Beach,FL (USA) - Brant Beach Yacht Club92

Worlds Results

Detailed Worlds race results

Other results

SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Lewes YC (USA)5
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Metedeconk River YC (USA)11
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #3  (USA)2
SunfishWequaquet/ NE Regional Wequaquet Lake YC (USA)25
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters Massapoag YC (USA)33
SunfishMayra regatta Cooper River YC (USA)2
SunfishThe Philadelphia Cup Regatta  (USA)3
SunfishMid-Atlantic Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)7
SunfishBill Flowers Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)1
SunfishLes Greenfield regatta Cooper River YC (USA)4
SunfishNorth American championship Brant Beach YC (USA)57
SunfishBill Flowers Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)1
SunfishFrostbite Series Cooper River YC (USA)2
SunfishLes Greenfield regatta Cooper River YC (USA)2
SunfishMayra championships Cooper River YC (USA)2
SunfishRichie Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)2
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Greater Wildwood YC (USA)3
SunfishThe Philadelphia Cup Regatta  (USA)3
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)4
SunfishFrostbite Series Cooper River YC (USA)1
SunfishRichie Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)3
SunfishBill Flowers Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)6
SunfishSunfish Regatta Cooper River YC (USA)1
SunfishFrostbite Series Cooper River YC (USA)3
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Corinthian YC (USA)6
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)8
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)54
SunfishFrostbite Series Cooper River YC (USA)3
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters Lewes YC (USA)23
SunfishMayra regatta Cooper River YC (USA)3
SunfishWomen NA Championship Lewes YC (USA)7
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)17
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Surf City YC (USA)28

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